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Manchester Academy Uniform Dress Code and Student Appearance


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Boys (5k-6)

Shirt-Dark green short or long-sleeve (required dress uniform)

White short sleeved

Yellow Short sleeved

Solid white t-shirts only are to be worn under uniform shirts.  No logos are to be visible (no Under Armor shirts are allowed).

Pants-Khaki Pull-on Twill or cotton

Shorts-Khaki Pull-on, Twill, or cotton

(Either bottoms may be worn on dress day)

No Cargo pants/shorts.  Boys may wear all cotton khaki pants/shorts as long as they are the correct color- (No khaki green or stone colored).


Girls (5k-3)

Blouse-Peter Pan with piping (part of required uniform under jumper)

Jumper (From Parker Uniforms)-Plaid-required uniform

Blouse (From Parker Uniforms)-Yellow Sailor Middy

Tie-Worn with Sailor Middy

Culottes (Parker Uniforms)

Shirt-Dark Green Short or Long-Sleeved

Shorts-Khaki Pull-on or Flat Front

Slacks-Khaki Pull-on or Flat Front

Girls (4th-6th)

Blouse-Yellow Sailor Middy (Required Dress Uniform)

Tie-Required Dress with Middy from Parker

Skirt-Plaid (Required Dress) from Parker

Blouse-White 3 Button Over-Blouse from Parker

Culottes-Plaid from Parker

Shirt-Dark Green Long or Short-Sleeved

         Yellow Short-Sleeved




Dress Code and Appearance

1.     All Manchester Academy students in grades 5k-12th grade must wear school uniforms.  The dress code is YOUR responsibility.

2.     The dress code is strictly enforced.  Any infringement of the uniform dress code will result in the student’s being provided with a proper uniform to wear.

3.    All MA students will wear monogrammed collared shirts Monday-Thursday. In addition, collared shirts must be worn under sweatshirts/hoody sweatshirts and jackets. 

Continued infraction of the dress code will result in detention, in-school suspension, or suspension (for secondary students).  The action taken will be at the discretion of the principal and headmaster.

4.     Wednesday will be considered Dress Day, and the required uniform will be worn on that day. Sweatshirts and hoodies are not allowed on Wednesday.

5.     Dress up/down days for certain themed days will be determined by administration. Students may wear jeans on dress down days and MA t-shirts.

6.    On regular Fridays, any uniform shirt or Maverick Merchandise shirt (no Manchester Academy t-shirts) may be worn with UNIFORM bottoms. 

7.     All shirts must be tucked in except girls’ shirts over blouses. (2-12)

8.     Black or brown leather belt must be worn with all items with belt loops.

9.     Football players will be allowed to wear jerseys on game days.  Cheerleaders/Maverettes may wear uniforms on game days but must wear an appropriate cover AT ALL TIMES, which may be removed only during the pep rally.

10.  Students will be required to wear uniforms on all field trips unless the teacher has received prior approval from administration for alternative dress.

11.  All sweaters, shirts, coats, and jackets must be monogrammed.

12.  Please label all clothes.

13.  If a boy wears a t-shirt under any uniform shirt, it must be solid white.  ­NO WRITING SHOULD BE VISIBLE THROUGH BACKS OF WHITE SHIRTS, AND TOP BAND OF T-SHIRT MUST BE WHITE.  NO LOGOS SHOULD BE VISIBLE THROUGH SHIRT (ex. Under Armor).

14.  Boys may wear khaki pants/shorts—no khaki green or stone colored pants/shorts.

15.  Boys may wear all cotton khaki pants/shorts as long as they are the correct color.

16.  No Cargo pants/shorts. (5k-12)

17.  Girls wear white camisoles under white blouses.

18.  Girls must button at least 2 buttons of all tops.

19.  No pins or long necklaces are to be worn on blouses. (5k-12)

20.  Skirt and skort length is NO MORE THAN 4” ABOVE THE CREASE BEHIND THE KNEE. (5k-12)

21.  Girls may wear the plaid walking shorts that are offered by Parker Uniforms.  ONLY THESE SHORTS ARE ALLOWED.  Shorts hems must be worn as is from Parker.  Shorts may NOT be hemmed shorter, cuffed, or rolled up (from the hem or the waistband).  There are no warnings.  A girl wearing shorts that are NOT of walking length or hemmed or rolled will not be allowed to wear shorts the rest of the school year.  If several girls begin to have shorts infractions, the privilege will be revoked for all girls.

22.  Outerwear is not required but, if worn, must be monogrammed and included on the following items: (5k-12)

a.     Green fleece jacket.

b.     Heavier green coat from Parker or Black’s.

c.     Approved green cardigan sweater.

d.     Letterman jacket, cheer, or dance jacket in SCHOOL COLORS ONLY! School colors are dark green, gold, and white.  Black and pink are not school colors.   

e.     There is a green crew sweater offered for grades 4-12 and a green cardigan sweater for grades 5k-6.

f.      Any outwear sold by Maverick Merchandise.

g.     The school allows no other type of outerwear in the building.  If students wear any other type of outerwear, teaches will confiscate the outerwear until the end of the school day, and this will result in a detention.


23.   Wednesday is Dress Day, and the student’s required uniform is as follows:

a.     Boys must wear the following items:

             i.      August-September - boys may wear shorts with yellow polo on Wednesday.

             ii.     If shorts are worn, boys may wear tennis shoes on Wednesday.

             iii.    October 1st – March (until spring break) -- boys must wear pants with long-sleeved, button-up yellow shirt or blue & white pin striped long-sleeved, button-up shirt.  Shirt must be monogrammed.

            iv.     After spring break, boys may once again wear shorts on Wednesday dress day.

            v.      Belt

            vi.     Socks

            vii.    MA fleece jacket (no hooded sweatshirt)

            viii.   NO Sweatshirts of hoodies

b.     Girls must wear the following items:

            i.     White monogrammed blouse with 3/4 length sleeves or 1/4 length sleeved

            ii.     Plaid skirt from Parker

            iii.    No pants on dress day

            iv.    No sweat shirts or hoodies on dress day

            v.     Girls may wear leggings in neutral colors - no lace, no stripes.

c.     Girls’ shoes- (5k-12)

    i.     NO sandals (besides Chacos), flip flops, or slippers, cowboy boots, or toe shoes (Skele) on any day.

            ii.     Closed-toe Birkenstock-type shoes with straps in the back are acceptable in brown, black, or navy.

            iii.    Low quarter athletic shoes are allowed

            iv.    Uggs and leather riding boots are the ONLY boots allowed. 

    v.     Flat heels only (exception – Mary Jane style with no more than a 2-inch heel).

Boys’ shoes- (5k-12)

a.     No sandals (besides Chacos), flip flops, or slippers on any day

b.     Boots with slacks only (must be clean boots, and pants cannot be tucked in)

c.     Low-quarter athletic shoes. Dress shoes, Wallaby, Birkenstock-type (with back straps) shoes in conservative colors.

Casual days are days when students may dress up for theme days.  The office will announce these days in advance. The following regulations apply to students:

a.     All students must wear a MANCHESTER t-shirt.  (NO MIDNIGHT TILL DAWN SHIRTS OR WINTER FORMAL SHIRTS –        these are not Manchester-sponsored event shirts.)

b.     Students must wear uniform bottoms.

c.     On Fridays, any MA t-shirt and uniform bottoms can be worn. No drug/alcohol/tobacco advertising. (NO MIDNIGHT TILL DAWN SHIRTS OR WINTER FORMAL SHIRTS)


  1. No visible body piercings allowed (exception: girls with pierced ears.)
  2. Males may NOT have earrings, pierced or otherwise.
  3. Males may NOT have fingernail polish or make-up on their face.
  4. Males’ facial hair must be clean-shaven.  If a student needs to shave, a razor will be available through the principal’s office, and he will have to shave at school.
  5. Males must have suitable haircuts that do not touch the collar in the back or cover the eyebrows in the front.
  6. No visible tattoos allowed.  Any student with tattoos must keep them covered at ALL times during school and/or school activities (on or off campus).
  7. Hats, bandannas, or sweatbands are not allowed on campus during school hours.
  8. Sunglasses may not be worn in class. In addition, sunglasses may NOT be worn around the neck.
  9. Hairstyles or hair color that would draw attention or create a distraction are not allowed.
  10. At no time is a student to wear house slippers or moccasins during school hours, even in neutral colors.  All footwear must follow the guideline stated above.
  11. No holes in any clothing – this includes dress-down days (especially for jeans).


The administration of Manchester Academy reserves the right to adjust this policy and make decisions on future modes of dress not outlined in the dress code that would distract from the educational process or draw attention to it.



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