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Netiquette Pledge for Families for use of MA MacBook Air

NETIQUETTE AND RESPONSIBLE USE: Students And Parent must agree to the following pledge:

1. I understand that passwords are private. I will not allow others to use my account name or password, or try to use that of others.

2. I will be polite and use appropriate language in my email messages, online postings, and other digital communications with others. I will not use profanity, vulgarities or any other inappropriate language as determined by school administrators.

3. I will use email and other means of communications (e.g. blogs, wikis, chat, instant-messaging, discussion boards, cell phones, etc.) responsibly. I will not use computers, cell phones, personal digital devices or the Internet to intentionally access, transmit, copy or create material that violate the school’s code of conduct such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, or send or post hate or harassing mail, make discriminatory or derogatory e-mails about others, or engage in bulling, harassment, or other antisocial behaviors either at school or at home.)

4. I understand that I am an Ambassador for the school in all my online activities, I understand that what I do on social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, just to name a few, should not reflect negatively on my fellow students, teachers, or on Manchester Academy. I understand that I will be held responsible for how I represent myself and my school on the Internet.

5. I understand that masquerading, spoofing, or pretending to be someone else is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, sending out e-mail, creating accounts, or posting messages or other online content (e.g. text, images, audio or video) in someone else’s name as a joke.

6. I understand that I should not reveal my personal information, address, or phone number, nor will I release that information about any other student, faculty or staff.

7. I will use school computer resources responsibly. I will not retrieve, save or display hate-based offensive or sexually explicit material using any of Manchester Academy School’s computers resources. I am responsible for not pursuing material that could be considered offensive. I understand that I am to notify an adult immediately if by accident I encounter materials which violate appropriate use.

8. I will use Manchester Academy School’s technology resources productively and responsibly for school- related purposes. I will not use any technology resource in such a way that would disrupt the activities of other users. I understand that school computer resources are for academic activities only – not for games, etc.

9. I will not attempt to bypass security settings or Internet filters, or interfere with the operation of the network by installing illegal software, shareware, or freeware on school computers.

10. I understand that vandalism is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to modifying or destroying equipment, programs, files, or settings on any computer or other technology resource.

11. I will respect the intellectual property of other users and information providers. Work by any user is valuable, and work of other students or teachers may not be copied or changed. I will obey copyright guidelines. I will not plagiarize or use other’s work without proper citation and permission.

12. I will not use or access files, software, or other resources owned by others without the owner’s permission. I will use only those school network directories that are designed for my use or for the purpose designated by my teacher.

13. Student work is NOT to be saved on the individual computer’s hard drive. Information needed must be saved to the student’s personal network drive administered by the school or a flash drive.

14. I will follow all guidelines set forth by the school and / or my teachers when publishing schoolwork online (e.g. to a website, blog, wiki, discussion board, podcasting or video server).

15. I understand the Internet is a source for information that is both true and false; and that the school is not responsible for inaccurate information obtained form the Internet.

16. I understand that Manchester Academy administrators will deem what conduct is inappropriate use if such conduct is not specified in this agreement.

17. I agree to abide by all Internet safety guidelines that are provided by the school and to complete all assignment related to Internet safety.



Students should understand and abide by the above Computer-Internet Acceptable Conduct and Use Policy. Should violation occur, students should understand that consequences could include suspension of computer privileges, school disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion, and /or referral to law enforcement.

Parents and guardians should understand that computer access is provided for educational purposes in keeping with the academic goals of Manchester Academy School, and that student use for any other purpose is inappropriate. It is impossible for Manchester Academy School to restrict access to all controversial materials, and the school is not responsible for materials acquired on the school network or internet based services provided by other companies, institutions or websites, regardless of whether they have been approved by Manchester Academy for student use or otherwise. Children’s computer activities at home should be supervised as they can affect the academic environment at school.

For a downloadable/printable version, click here.

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