Missing You Already

5 Teachers retire

The 2020-2021 school year will begin soon with many changes taking place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Another huge change as the school year opens will have to do with the retirement of 5 honored teachers from the Manchester Academy faculty.  These ladies collectively have over 100 years of teaching experience.  Each have instructed, guided, and influenced more students than can be counted.  It will not be the same without their presence in the halls.  From elementary through graduation, these ladies have taught students at all the important milestones in their young lives.  Each provided the means for all students to experience the college preparatory curriculum that Manchester Academy proudly proclaims.  To Mrs. Douglas Williams (5K), Mrs. Mary Jo VanDevender (2nd grade), Mrs. Lindy Mosley (5th & 6th Math), Mrs. Cindy Middleton(Secondary Science), and Mrs. Debbie Crisler (High School Math), you will never be forgotten.  Your legacy will live on through all the children and people whose lives you touched.  You all have truly made a difference in the lives for so many. Manchester Academy hopes and prayers that as you move forward with your lives that you will continue to be blessed.   (Not Pictured:  Mary Jo VanDevender)