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Football All Stars
MAIS Football All Stars

Manchester has four players selected as MAIS football all stars.

Sun Nov 29 01:38 PM

Football Champions 2020
Manchester Wins MAIS AA Football Championship

Manchester Mavericks won the MAIS AA Football Championship on November 19, 2020.

Sun Nov 29 01:36 PM

MAIS Championship Image
Manchester Mavericks Reach 2A Football Title Game

Manchester Academy Mavericks will play in the MAIS 2A State Football Championship for the third straight year.

Sat Nov 14 11:24 AM

Homecoming Maids
Manchester Announces Homecoming Maids

Homecoming maids for 2020 are. . .

Wed Oct 14 03:10 PM

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Lady Mavs Soccer News

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Mon Oct 12 09:23 PM

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Lady Mavs Softball

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Mon Oct 12 09:19 PM

MAIS Soccer and Softball All-Stars

The MAIS recently announced girls soccer and softball all-stars for the 2020 season.

Mon Oct 12 09:19 PM

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State Athletic Mandate

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Mon Aug 17 01:44 PM

MA Maverick
Manchester Academy 2019-2020 Athletic Awards

Athletic awards for 2019-2020 were announced on August 11, 2020. Please click the headline above to view the awards and photos.

Tue Aug 11 08:26 PM

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Memo from the Office of the Head of School

Re: School-wide Health and Safety Mandates

Thu Aug 06 04:05 PM