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Manchester students recently participated in the MAIS District Reading Fair at Pillow Academy.  Many of our students placed in the fair and will advance to the State Reading Fair on Friday, January 26, 2018 at the Muse Center in Pearl MS.  The complete list of winners is shown below.  Congratulations MA readers on a job well done!!

First Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Fiction Individual:

Fiction Individual

1st Place  - Rainer Woods (will advance to state)

2nd Place – Bryce Brooks (will advance to state)

2nd Place – Wyatt Edgar (will advance to state)

Non-Fiction Individual

Second Grade:

1st Place – Claire Stevens (will advance to state)

Fiction Individual

3rd Place – Maci Lowery

2nd Place – Whitley Ritchie (will advance to state)

Best Portrayal of Character

Non-Fiction Individual

2nd Place – Maci Lowery

1st Place – Morgan Foster (will advance to state)

Fifth Grade:

3rd Place – Landon Russell

Fiction Individual

Best Portrayal of Character:

2nd Place – Anna Beth Merrell (will advance to state)

1st Place – Morgan Foster

Best Portrayal of Character:

2nd Place – Joel Humphreys

2nd Place – Anna Beth Merrell

3rd Place – Landon Russell (non-fiction)

3rd Place – Makenzie Newton

Third Grade:

Sixth Grade:

Fiction Individual

Fiction Individual

1st Place – Annalee Whitworth (will advance to state)

1st Place – Ann Elise Sandifer (will advance to state)

Non-Fiction Individual

3rd Place – Will Phillips

2nd Place – Molly McBride (will advance to state)

Non-Fiction Individual

Best Portrayal of Character

2nd Place – Lainey James (will advance to state)

1st Place – Annalee Whitworth

Best Portrayal of Character

1st Place – Jack Carson (non-fiction)

1st Place – Will Phillips


2nd Place – Ann Elise Sandifer


3rd Place – Cole Estes (non fiction)

Senior High

Fiction Individual

1st Place – Matthew Turner (will advance to state)

2nd Place – Mikayla Williams  (will advance to state)


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