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December 12, 2018



The concession stand schedule for basketball season has been posted.  Please click the link below to view the schedule or go to the Basketball page, click Concession Stand Schedule on the left side of the page.  Thank you for your help!  GO MAVS! 



Click the link below to view the November newsletter.


  • Athletics This Week
    • Wednesday, December 12-Soccer-MA vs St. Joe-at Home-3:00
    • Thursday, December 13-Soccer-MA vs East Rankin Academy-at Home-3:30
    • Friday, December 14-MA vs Indianola at Indianola-4:00
  • Congratulations to the Maverick teams with the win over Benton Academy
  • The Christmas dress up contest goes to Coach Iles for his Arthur Christmas Costume!
  • Baseball practice begins AFTER Christmas holidays.
  • Girls and boys who wish to be in the  Beauty and Beau review in January may pick up registration form at the front office.  Boys must sign up this year in order to participate.  
  • Happy Birthday Whitney White
  • All students are reminded about the dress code:  Girls skirt/skorts must be appropriate length (see page 35 in the student handbook).  All outer wear should have MA monogram.  ALL shirts under sweatshirts & hoodies must be collared.
  • Students must wear uniforms during exams next week.  
  • For Secondary Students ONLY
  • Dead Day for Secondary students is Thursday, December 13th.  Dead Day is a day set aside for secondary students to study and get extra help.  Students who do not need specific help do not have to come to school on Dead Day.  However, teachers will be available to help at the times listed below.  Students in grades 7-12 who need specific help may come to meet with the teachers during the times below.  Students must go to the their teachers during their class period.  
      • 7:55-8:30-1st period classes
      • 8:30-9:05-2nd period classes
      • 9:05-9:45-3rd period classes
      • 9:45-10:20-4th period classes
      • 10:20-10:55-5th period classes
      • 10:55-11:30-6th period classes
  • Teachers will not be available after 11:30 on Dead Day.  Please make sure you have all your questions ready when you go in for your review times.  
  • Students who do not have athletics may not be at school after 11:30 on Dead Day. Teachers will be working on finishing up on semester grading and will not be available for supervising.  
  • Reminder to look in the handbook-only seniors are eligible for exemption in American Government or Economics only.  All students must take all exams for the fall semester.
  • Parents are reminded to check online for grades.  Teachers will post online only.  Please do not call or email.  If you need access to your student account, please email Maureen Johnson at to receive a new password.  
  • Teachers are reminded that ALL grades for the semester including exam and semester averages must be posted by Wednesday, December 19 at NOON.  All student grades must be final by that time.
  • Parents are also reminded that students that may have been absent for 3 or more days recently, must have ALL grades made up before Thursday, December 13th.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances that have already been arranged, all make-up work must be current.  Most teachers have already set their deadlines with these students.  If there are any questions, please email specific teacher and cc Maureen Johnson at  
  • Also, sophomore parents need to plan for sophomore students to begin taking the ACT.  Please go to for registration dates and test dates.  It is important to begin planning for these students' futures.  This is the first step.  
EXAM Schedule for Secondary: 
  • Thursday, December 13-Dead Day for 7-12.  We will probably run a short schedule for those who need extra help
  • Friday, December 14- 8:00-1st period & 10:00-4th period
  • Monday, December 17-8:00-2nd period & 10:00-5th period
  • Tuesday, December 18-8:00-3rd period & 10:00-6th period

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