Acceptable Use Policy

Manchester Academy  is committed to the use of technology in the academic program as a tool to expand learning opportunities and conduct research.  Our goal is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, communication, collaboration and innovation.  All network access is expected to support education and research and to be consistent with the educational goals of  Manchester Academy.  The safety of all our students still remains our paramount concern. In order to implement this technology integration, every student and parent or guardian should study this Acceptable Use Policy, which outlines guidelines for the use of technology at Manchester Academy.

In this document a “Computer” is termed any technological device owned by Manchester Academy that is used for educational purposes and is not specifically assigned to a student. This includes laptops, desktops, iPads, iPods, etc. “Device” refers to the iPod, iPad, or Macbook that is specifically assigned to a student at Manchester Academy.


1.1 General: Technology at Manchester Academy is a privilege, not a right. Each student is accountable for his/her actions. If there are any questions involving the use of technology, please contact the Technology Department.

1.2 Network Resources: Network Resources refers to all aspects of Manchester Academy’s owned or leased equipment, including computers, devices, printers, scanners and other peripherals, as well as email, internet services, servers, network files and folders, and all other technology-related equipment and services. The rules below apply to any use of Manchester Academy’s Network Resources whether this use access occurs on or off campus.

Students may not use Network Resources to

• Download, stream, or listen to internet-based music, video, or large image files that are not required for school work while at school, as this slows the performance of the network for all users. 

• Alter, add, or delete any system files that affect the configuration of a Computer or Device. 

• Install software onto Manchester Academy Computers other than the student’s Device. 

• Install software onto a student’s Device that may interfere with the proper workings of the Device or infringe on educational use of the Device. See section 2 of the Laptop User Agreement for more information. 

• Write or publish harmful or inappropriate material. 

• Facilitate the illegal sharing of copyrighted material using file sharing tools. 

• Upload or create a computer virus or malware. 

• Misuse copyrighted material. 

• Conduct any type of harassment or bullying. 

• Plagiarize material or misrepresent another’s work. 

• Conduct any commercial business. 

• Attempt to maliciously harm the data of another person. 

• Pursue inappropriate material (i.e. pornographic, sexist, racist, etc.). 

• Utilize chat rooms or instant messaging programs that are not approved first by a teacher. 

• Encourage or support prohibited activities by other students. 

1.3 Negative Effects: Students may not use any type of technology at any time or place that has a negative effect on the following:

       • School order and discipline. 

       • Safety and welfare of other students or staff. 

       •   The reputation of Manchester Academy, its students, and staff.

Cyber-bullying which is defined as bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication, which includes but is not limited to any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by such things as electronic mail, internet communications, instant message, text message or facsimile

1.4 Equipment Use: Personal Use of the technology equipment other than on a student Device is prohibited. Students may use technology equipment under teacher supervision for academic purposes only. This includes but is not limited to the use of projectors, audio, video, or lighting equipment.

1.5 Printing: Paper and toner/ink come at a high expense to the school. Students are encouraged to print only necessary documents. Students will be allowed to print to designated printers only. The school may limit the number of pages a student can print to avoid abuse. The school may also charge for printing if students exceed their allotted quota.



2.1 Software: Software and apps that are loaded onto Computers are a property of Manchester Academy and under Manchester Academy copyright and licensing agreements. No one is allowed to copy any software from a Manchester Academy Computer. Students are prohibited from installing any type of software or apps onto a Computer (except for a student’s Device) unless authorized by the Technology Department.

2.2 Hardware: Manchester Academy provides Devices for student usage as a service. Students are allowed to access only designated Computers and labs for students as well as their student assigned Device. Students are not allowed to use a teacher’s device unless approved by their teacher.  

Students may NOT use their own device.  Non-MA devices will be taken up and turned into administration.  Out of school suspension may be a consequence in refusal to use MA-issued device.  

2.3 Computer Care: In order to continue to provide the best in technology, students must help in taking care of the Computers they use. No food or drink is allowed around Computers or Devices. No student should try to open or fix a Computer or Device. Students are liable for any physical damage to Computers (removing keys off keyboard, mouse ball out of mouse, etc.). Students are not allowed to make any physical changes to a Computer or student Device without permission from the Technology Department.

2.4 Login/Logout: Students at MA will be assigned a username and password. Students will login to MA systems using this information. If working in a shared Computer environment (i.e. computer labs), all students are required to sign off after their Computer session has ended.



3.1 Electronic Data: Students in grades 10-12 are responsible for all data on their student assigned device. Only the student and Technology Department have access to the data on each device. The student should not expect privacy of his/her files.

3.2 Student Passwords: Students in grades 10-12 will receive a password that is assigned to them after they sign the Laptop Program Acknowledgment Form. This password is known only by the Technology Department and the Students themselves. Students are reminded that this password should be treated seriously. For security and liability purposes, no student should give his/her password out to anyone. Under no circumstances should a student attempt to find out another student’s password or attempt to access that student’s email or personal files.

3.3 Student Security Online: No student should give out his/her or any other student/faculty members’ personal information via electronic communication. This includes but is not limited to: name, address, picture, etc.

3.4 Monitoring: Manchester Academy reserves the right to monitor any aspect of its information systems in order to protect its systems. School administration monitors the network and may find it necessary to investigate electronic incidents even if they happen after hours and outside of school. As the owners of the Schoolʼs Network Resources the School administration reserves the right, if needed, and at its discretion, to access remotely, open, examine, and/or delete electronic files that violate this Acceptable Use Policy.

3.5 Network Access: Students should not attempt to gain access to the MA network with any equipment that is not owned by the school and/or not approved by the Technology Department. This includes, but is not limited to cell phones, computers, or any other network capable device.



4.1 Overview: Manchester Academy offers internet access to its students for academic purposes. Internet access is filtered for protection of our students and faculty.

4.2 Inappropriate material: Students are prohibited from visiting inappropriate websites. Internet access is for academic use only and should be surfed that way.

4.3 Filtering: Manchester Academy has an internet filter that will filter inappropriate websites as well as those that may interfere in the teaching and learning process. Student Devices will be filtered at school as well as at home. By offering this filtering service, Manchester Academy is making its best effort in protecting students. However, it is impossible to filter or restrict access to all sites that may contain questionable information. We recommend parents oversee their child’s Device activities at home.



5.1 Overview: In an effort to increase communication between students and between students and staff at Manchester Academy, MA has decided to endorse a student email system. Students in grades 10-12 will be assigned their own Manchester Academy email address. Students’ email addresses will be in the form of Students will login with the same username and password combination that is used to sign in to school Computers and Devices.

5.2 Checking email: Students can check their email from any computer that has an internet connection by visiting and logging in.

5.3 Email Restrictions: Students will be able to receive email from other students and faculty only.

5.4 Inappropriate email: Students are prohibited from sending inappropriate emails to anyone at Manchester Academy or any other domain. This includes mass spam emails, chain letters, and material others may find offensive.



6.1 Overview: Breach of this policy and/or Laptop User Agreement (LUA) may result in disciplinary action. Depending on the severity of the breach, this may include:

• An informal warning from a staff member or administrator 

• A formal verbal or written warning for misconduct 

• Loss of technology privileges 

• Dismissal for gross misconduct 

• Civil proceedings to recover damages 

• Criminal proceedings 

6.2 Infraction Levels: In order to better communicate discipline policies, Manchester Academy has developed a system that is divided into three levels. Depending on the severity of the infraction and grade level, these levels may be altered. The following is only considered a guideline for policy enforcement.

Level 1 Infraction

Type of infraction

• Abuse, misuse, or negligence that leads to minor damage of technology equipment
• Installing unauthorized software that may cause disruption
• Disrupting class by not following explicit instructions of the teacher where technology is concerned.


Disciplinary Action for Level 1 Infractions

1st Offense: Administrative warning, parent contact and one  appropriate detention 

2nd Offense: Administrative warning, parent conference and two appropriate detentions 

3rd Offense: Administrative warning, parent conference and in-school suspension

Level 2 Infraction

Type of infraction
• Circumventing or breaking administrative settings on the Computer or Device
• Participating in any activity to gain access to additional Network Resources that are not given to the user by the Technology Department

• Excessive and/or repeated device damage due to abuse or neglect.

Disciplinary Action for Level 2 Infractions

1st Offense: Administrative warning, parent conference and out-of-school suspension (1 day)

2nd Offense: Administrative warning, parent conference and out-of-school suspension (3 days)

Level 3 Infraction

Type of infraction
• Possession of pornographic material or pursuing of inappropriate content 

• Breaking into unauthorized Network Resources

Disciplinary Action for Level 3 Infractions

• Each case will be reviewed by the principal and may result in out-of-school suspension and further sanctions as determined by the administration.

* All infractions are subject to review and modification by the administration.

6.3 Liability: Manchester Academy will not be held liable for:
• Any damage suffered by users due to failure of equipment or interruption of service.
• The accuracy or truth of material obtained through the internet.
• Damages to any person resulting from unauthorized or inappropriate use of technology.



Manchester Academy does not have control of the information on the Internet or information contained in emails. The School uses a network filter to help maintain a safe environment. Additionally, the School may choose to block sites that it feels distract from the academic environment or unnecessarily consume Network Resources. However, it is impossible to filter or restrict access to all sites that may contain questionable information. Some sites may contain material that is defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal or that is otherwise inconsistent with the mission of Manchester Academy. While Manchester Academyʼs intent is to make Internet access available for educational goals and objectives and to maintain a safe environment, account holders may encounter less desirable content. At Manchester Academy, we expect the Student to obey the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when using the Internet and school-wide resources. Any Student found in deliberate violation of the policy will be disciplined.

In addition, Manchester Academy account holders take full responsibility for their access to Manchester Academyʼs Network Resources and the Internet. Specifically, Manchester Academy makes no warranties with respect to school Network Resources and does not take responsibility for

• the content of any advice or information received by an account holder;
• the costs, liability or damages incurred as a result of access to School Network Resources or the Internet; or any consequences of service interruptions.


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