Laptop Care Guide

Please read this entire section carefully.

This document is an important addendum to the Laptop User Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy. “Device” refers to all hardware and software including but not limited to: laptop, power adapter, case, etc.

1 Your responsibilities

• Student issued Devices are for use solely by the student that they were issued to. Treat this Device with as much care as your own property. 

• Bring the Device to school everyday with a fully charged battery. If you forget your Device, a loaner Device will not be provided. In the case of a low battery later in the day, please find an appropriate charging location.

• Charge your Device every evening to insure seamless use during school hours.

• Keep your Device attended (within your sight) at all times or in a secure location. 

• Avoid leaving your Device in public areas that are unattended. 

• Do not let anyone use the Device other than yourself and parent or guardian. 

• Adhere to policies outlined in the Laptop User Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy. 

• Back up your data at least weekly, but preferably nightly because your original data could get lost. 


2 Handling technical problems: 

• Should anything go wrong with your computer try restarting it, as this solves many issues that may come up 

• If you have an issue that you are unable to resolve, please come to the Tech Center.


3 General Care 

• Do not remove or change the physical structure of the Device. 

• Do not remove or damage any identification labels that are on the Device. If an identification label is damaged or comes off, please get it replaced in at the Tech Center. 

• Do not apply stickers, skins, or additional labels to the Device. 

• Do not eat or drink while using the Device and be sure to wash dirty hands before using the Device. 

• If you need to clean the Device, shut the Device down and then use a lint-free cloth and dampen it slightly with water. iKlear or similar products are acceptable for cleaning screens and surfaces. 

4 Handling
• Always completely close the lid of the Device and wait for the Device to go to sleep. You can check this by waiting until the light on the front of the Device starts to pulsate. Moving the Device before it goes to sleep can cause physical damage to internal parts which may lead to potential data loss.
• Shutdown your Device if you will not be using it for a day or more.
• Always keep your device in its case. Do not over stuff your bag. The pressure can damage the screen of the Device.

• Never leave any objects on the keyboard. Items like pens and pencils that are left on the keyboard will damage the screen if the lid is closed to the Device.


5 Power Management

• Plug your power adapter into the wall outlet first before connecting the other end to your laptop.

• A battery takes between 2 and 3 hours to fully charge. The battery in the laptop can last for up to 7 hours with careful use.

• Check the battery level indicator in the menu bar for the status of the battery.

• Battery conservation tips:

• Close the lid of the laptop and allow it to enter sleep mode when not in use.

• Reduce the brightness of the screen.

• Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use.

• Minimize processor intensive operations such as video editing, etc.

• Disconnect USB or other external devices.

• Do not let the battery completely drain. To keep the battery in optimal condition, it needs exercise, which means periodic battery usage and AC power usage.

• Arrive every day with a fully charged battery. Establish a routine at home where each night the battery is recharged.


6 Personal Health and Safety

• Avoid extended use of the Device resting directly on your lap. The laptop can generate significant heat that can cause injury.

• Avoid using the Device for extensive amounts of time. Take frequent breaks and alter your physical position to minimize discomfort.

By signing the Laptop Program Acknowledgement Form you indicate that you have read this document and agree to its stated conditions.

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