Laptop User Policy


Please read this entire section carefully.

 This agreement is made effective upon receipt of Device, between Manchester Academy (“Manchester Academy”), the student receiving a laptop (“Student”), and the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian (“Parent”). The Student and Parent(s), in consideration of being provided with a laptop Device, software, and related materials (the “Device”) for use while the Student is enrolled at Manchester Academy, hereby agree as follows:


1.1 Ownership: Manchester Academy retains sole right of ownership of the Device and grants permission to the Student to use the Device according to the guidelines set forth in this document and the Acceptable Use Policy. Moreover, Manchester Academy administrative staff retains the right to collect and/or inspect the Device at any time, including via electronic remote access; and to alter, add, or delete installed software or hardware.

1.2 Substitution of Equipment: In the event the Device is inoperable, Manchester Academy has a limited number of spare laptops (loaners) for use while the Device is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for such a substitute. The Student may not opt to keep a broken Device or to avoid using the Device due to loss or damage. If the Student forgets to bring his/her operable Device or a power adapter to school, a substitute may not be provided.

1.3 Responsibility for Electronic Data: The Student is solely responsible for any non-Manchester Academy installed software and for any data stored on the Device. It is the sole responsibility of the Student to backup all data as necessary. Manchester Academy does not accept responsibility for loss of any such data or for the Studentʼs own software.

The Student may choose a backup method of his/her choice. Manchester Academy recommends that the Student purchase an external hard drive and perform regular (daily or weekly) backups of data. 



The Student is prohibited
• From adding, removing, or altering files outside the user’s directory on the assigned Device unless authorized by the Technology Department. The user’s directory is considered /Users/jdoe where jdoe is the username of the Student.
• From altering the physical appearance of the device (i.e., stickers, skins, etc.).
• From covering, removing, or altering the asset tags that are placed on the Device.

The Student is permitted
• To install applications on the assigned Device so long as he/she legally owns and installs it in accordance with a license agreement, accepting any software that the Student knows or should know may cause system problems to the Device. We strongly suggest that the Student minimize additional installations because if those installations cause system errors, the Device will be restored to the original settings, and everything added to the system by the Student will be erased. Also, Manchester Academy will periodically conduct maintenance that will require the Student to re-install all non-Manchester Academy issued software and files. Note: the software originally installed by Manchester Academy must remain on the Device at all times.

* There are two types of applications for the Mac: Application bundles (self-contained applications) and packages. The Student is permitted to install application bundles on his/her Device. The Student is prohibited from installing packages on their Device since they require administrative privileges. If the Student would like to install a package, he/she can bring it to the MA Tech Center for approval and password. The Student can also submit a form for package approval provided at the Technology Center.  This package may then be available for install through our Self Service Application.



3.1 Warranty for Equipment Defects: Manchester Academy has purchased a three-year manufacturer's warranty (AppleCare) covering parts and labor. AppleCare covers only damage to the Device caused by manufacture's defects. Families incur no additional charges for repairs covered by warranty.

3.2 Responsibility for Damage: The Student is responsible for maintaining a fully working device at all times. The Student shall use reasonable care to ensure that the device is not damaged. Refer to the Laptop Care Guide for a description of expected care. Where the damage occurs (on campus or off campus) does not affect the application of these policies.

Damage repair fees are determined by two factors. The first is the number of damage points a student has acquired. A damage point is accrued by the student when his or her laptop sustains damage that requires a repair. Each point will remain on the Student’s record for a period of three years. The second factor is the total cost of the repair. The student will be responsible for 15% of the repair cost.

Below is the process of determining repair fees:

• Anytime a repair cost exceeds $100, a student will receive a damage point.

• The Student will be charged 15% of the total repair cost and $100 for each damage point on his or her record at the time of the incident (including the point accrued by the incident).

If the cost of a single repair is less than $100, the student will be responsible for paying the cost of the parts, and the student will not receive a damage point. Repeated instances of this type may result in the student being given a damage point.

Repeated instances of this type may result in the student being given a damage point.

Some examples:

Example 1:  John cracks his screen on April 1, 2014. The cost of parts for this repair is $400. 

Damage points: 1

Repair fee: $160.

John damages the keyboard on April 1, 2016. The cost of parts for this repair is $150. Damage points: 2

Repair fee: $222.50

John’s first damage point is erased on April 1, 2017. Damage points: 1

John damages the bottom case and battery on May 1, 2017. The cost of parts for this repair is $190.

Damage points: 2

Repair fee: $228.50

Example 2:  Jane cracks her screen on April 1, 2014. The total cost of this repair is $400. Damage points: 1

Repair fee: $160

Jane spills water on her computer on March 1, 2017. Since this is liquid damage, the total cost of repair is $750.

Damage points: 2

Repair fee: $312.50

Additional Costs for Damages or Replacement 

                  Brenthaven Tred Sleeve-------------$20.00

                  Speck Smartshell--------------------$50.00

                  Replacement or a lost,---------------$80.00 stolen or damaged charger or extender cable or combination of       charger/extender cable

3.3 Repair Procedure: In order to have the Device repaired, the Student will take the Device to the MA Tech Center. Under no circumstance should the Student take the Device to a third party repair location, including the Apple Store. The Device will be assessed, and if further repair is required, a loaner Macbook will be issued to the Student. The Student's Device will be repaired in-house or sent out for repair. The Tech Center will e-mail the Student's parent(s) to inform them that a repair is being performed and amount of the repair fee. Once the device is ready to be picked up, an e-mail will be sent to the Student and parent(s). After this notice is sent, the Student will have four business days to exchange the loaner MacBook for his/her own and to pay any fees associated with the repair.

3.4 Technical Support and Repair: Manchester Academy will make technical support, maintenance, and repair available at the MA Tech Center. 

3.5 Gross Negligence: Manchester Academy reserves the right to charge the Student and Parent the full cost for repair or replacement when damage occurs due to gross negligence. Examples of gross negligence include by are not limited to

• Using the Device in an unsafe manner

• Deliberately neglecting the Device

3.6 Responsibility for Loss: In the event the Device is lost or stolen, the damage repair deductible (shown in 3.2) will apply. A student may only have one Device replaced as a result of either being lost or stolen in a three-year period. After this one insurance claim is utilized in a three-year period, any further replacements will be assessed at the full replacement cost of the Device. Where the loss or theft occurs (on campus or off campus) does not affect the application of these policies.

3.7 Actions Required in the Event of Damage or Loss: If the Device is damaged or lost, the Student must report the problem immediately to the MA Tech Center. If lost, Manchester Academy requires that the Student and Parent complete and sign a statement fully describing the circumstances of the loss within 5 business days of the incident. If stolen, Manchester Academy will require the Student/family to file a police report, a copy of which shall be provided to Manchester Academy within 5 business days of the incident.



Students are responsible for maintaining a fully working Device at all times. The Student shall use reasonable care to be sure that the Device is not lost, stolen, or damaged.
Such care includes

• Not leaving equipment in an unlocked car or unlocked home.
• Not leaving equipment unattended or unlocked while at school or elsewhere.

• Not lending equipment to anyone except the Studentʼs parents.
• Not using equipment in an unsafe environment.

Students must keep the Device attended (with Student or within a secured classroom) at all times. Devices left in bags in hallways or other locations on campus are considered “unattended” and may be confiscated by faculty or staff as a protection against theft. If the Device is confiscated, the Student will receive a warning and/or disciplinary action before getting the Device back.

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